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For Professional Coaches

"Phoenix assists professionals to be free of their history in relationships
that were defining experiences with negative impact. Ideal for coaches who need to gain clear perspective enabling them to fully serve their clients with service and love. When you need to "clear" yourself--and release your own baggage that gets in the way of what YOU do for your clients--go have a session with Phoenix!"

-Sheryl Roush, Professional Speaker:Sparkle Presentations

All Services Utilized

“I cannot recommend someone more highly
. Some excerpts from a long story: "It is known that Phoenix diagnosed from 485 miles away, a life threatening condition in Baloo (dog), and had a part in saving his life."~~~"I have been amazed by Phoenix's ability-aided me in many facets of my life."~~~"She helped me follow a successful path in my business, which has made a smooth progression without some of the pitfalls that plague my field of architecture."~~~"Doing work with her in a few sessions was similiar to spending years with a therapist."~~~"Anyone needing help in dealing with any situation and wanting a truer understanding of it, or aid in any facet of life – relationship, work, health, investments, you name it, Phoenix would be at the top of the list to call.”

-D.R., Architect


"Due to her eclectic training and bodywork therapies, I feel confident in referring my patients to Phoenix."

-Dr. R. Myers, ND

Speaking / Presentation & Workshops

As a public speaker, she finds ways to challenge your thought process in entertaining and engaging ways.”

-Philippe Gadeyne, Social Media Expert

Intuitive Life & Business Coaching

“The results from working with Phoenix were truly priceless. Since I am a small business owner, issues I needed to work on were neither strictly business-related nor personal. They really were a mix of both, and I found that Phoenix was able to untangle my confusion and excuses and get to the real issues that needed to be worked on. I very much like her approach, and I looked forward to each of our meetings, which means a lot, because many of the discussions were difficult and some of the actions I took as part of my work with her were not easy. I still am reminded of Phoenix whenever I am in a situation where I need to “stretch” myself and do something new or in a different way than I have done before. And this reminder is a support mechanism that allows me to accomplish things I might not have imagined I could. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

-Dave Peiser, Owner, IT Consultant, Peiser Solutions

"I worked with Phoenix to move beyond some life patterns that had been holding me back. As a result I am more calm and relaxed, have the focus to plan a course for my future instead of reacting to situations, have increased my income by nearly 100%, and lost a few pounds. I learned new tools for being centered in my power and changing thought patterns. I am empowered to deal with situations that used to cause a lot of stress.

One reason I think Phoenix's techniques are so powerful is that she schedules a session for 3 hours which allows time for some deep work to take place. I've worked with other coaches and it didn't matter what was going on, when the hour was up the hour was up. Not so with Phoenix. I always felt complete with the work when the session was over.

I am a very satisfied client and heartily recommend Phoenix to anyone who wants to move past old patterns and start having what they want in life.

-Renee Watts, Neurofeedback Clinician


“Phoenix brings many years of experience to the table. She began doing coaching before it was mainstream and has a wonderful way of getting to the "issue" with her clients. Phoenix has a wealth of information and will gladly refer her clients if she cannot help. I recommend Phoenix to anyone wanting to expand his or her business or to those at a crossroads. She will help you find your direction.”

-Therese Hall, Owner, The Practical Solution


“As a personal and business coach, Phoenix has helped me declutter my mind to focus on what is important and critical to achieve my goals. Her questions go to the heart of the issues and force you to really identify and analyze what works and does not work and challenges you to find creative solutions adapted to goals and personality. Her suggestions are pertinent and again, challenge you to open your mind and think out of the box. As a public speaker, she finds ways to challenge your thought process in entertaining and engaging ways.”

-Philippe Gadeyne, Social Media Expert


“Phoenix provides a fantastic service that compliments her unique gifts and gratifies even the keenest skeptic. Her art is passionate and her goals are profound. I recommend her as a life coach to anyone in search of themself or their goals.”

-Megan Salas, Co-Owner/Gallery Director, Twin Oaks Gallery


“Phoenix gave me the guidance I needed to reestablish my business in Southern California. She has been very instrumental in assisting me with major breakthroughs personally and professionally. Phoenix promotes her clients to `think-out-of-the-box' and stretching to different levels. I know I will continue to be a very successful designer in my field.”

-J.L., Interior Designer and Feng Shui Consultant

Business Coaching & Systems Organizing

“She hit the ground running, learning our needs and forming a comprehensive plan to get us where we needed to be. Now we have the proper things to build and handle this business much better than before.”

-G.J., Roto-Rooter


“I have known Phoenix for about one year. I asked her to help me create a warming and friendly environment for my retail space and to share her advice on how to configure the space from both form and functional perspectives. The results of her counsel yielded an environment about which I often receive compellingly enthusiastic compliments. I have shared with her my perception that the configuration and color components she specified tend to encourage conversation between (and among) my customers and me. Like me, they prefer a relaxed retail experience they can enjoy without rushing. It is precisely the atmosphere I wanted to create, and Phoenix's design solution made it possible.”

Paul Durgin, Owner, Inkspot Oceanside


Women's Association. Phoenix is bright, intuitive and thinks outside the box when it comes to problem-solving. She is an adept listener and tailors her business solutions to each individual client's needs.”

-Nancy Bahr Kelly, Development Director, Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

The Integrational Mastery of Life Program

"The I.M. Life ProgramTM is very exciting. This amazing process has opened my heart, my mind and many doors to understanding myself. This adventure continues to unfold daily. THIS IS BIG!."

-L. Hamel, Consultant

"I worked with Phoenix on the I.M. Life Program which has helped me with all facets of my life. Phoenix opened the door of personal understanding, love and growth. Most importantly, she guided me in such a way that I ultimately accomplished the work myself."


Intuitive Life Coaching, Wellness & Healing, Core Tools

"In the past several months I have worked with Phoenix both on a professional basis in conjunction with clients and on a personal basis dealing with my own health issues. Therefore, I can attest to her work both as a professional psychotherapist and personally. I feel that Phoenix works with people with integrity and honesty. She has worked with a variety of people with different belief systems and I feel that she has been able to honor those beliefs as well as to be helpful to those individuals. I have seen her work be beneficial to people who have been stuck psychologically. Her work has helped to move these people out of the stuck place and become more open to continued growth. "

-K. Sullivan, L.C.S.W.

Core Tools

"I walked out from my Divine Shield session with Phoenix with a lightness in my step--knowing that I was "safe" and "pre-approved" in the world. I know how to set boundaries with discernment, be free from other people's "stuff," and still be little loving sparkling me!

-Sheryl Roush, Professional Speaker: Sparkle Presentations

"The Divine Shield saved my life literally and figuratively. When I was in a dangerous situation with an 'office break-in,' I was able to respond with clear thought and right action rather than fear and reaction."

-Debbie G., Artist

"Phoenix guided me through her Freedom Ceremony to release old relationships--lessing, clearing and releasing them--so that I could have fresh, new, healthier relationships. There were energetic old ties and cords that I didn't even realize were there! This helped me cut through years of therapy!

-Sheryl Roush, Professional Speaker:Sparkle Presentations

"I feel very fortunate to have found someone who is so gifted and in touch with the higher levels of healing the Freedom Ceremony of AKA cord cutting freed me from connections that bound me and limited my freedom. A deep cord attached me to my sister. I felt restricted as if a part of me was inoperative. After cutting the cord our relationship changed. I felt more independent and free. This didn't remove the close bond that existed between us, but strengthened our relationship."

-B.P. Retired Nun and Teacher

Intuitive Reading

"The Life Reading gave me a very good look at specific issues in my life, that were keeping me stuck in creating negative patterns. Not only did it help me understand the patterns to life long issues, but it gave me the tools to change these core issues. Now, I am learning new behaviors which will enhance my relationship with myself and others."

-J.Pettingplace, Acupuncturist

"Phoenix has a special gift of the intuitive. Her personal life readings are focused and specific and offered me a tremendous amount of insight and answers to questions on my work and relationships." I was very impressed by the depth of her seeing and suggestions. Her observations and ideas have helped me to understand and be aware of some key issues at work in my life."

I would `highly recommend' a reading with Phoenix for answering questions and exploring possibilities to life's challenges."

-Laurie E. Dickson, Professional Photographer


“I had a personal health issue that required "out-of-the-box" thinking, which included Phoenix's intuitive 'read' of me. She helped me ask the right questions of professionals so that I could get well. Phoenix saved me a lot of money and gave me tremendous peace of mind with her intuitive and practical solutions and strategies.”

Robin Kemp, President, Kemp Thomas Insurance Services

Wellness & Healing.

“Phoenix is gifted person with extraordinary intuitive skills. She helped me overcome anxiety related to health issues. Many years later I still am benefiting from her guidance. I believe she deepened my will to live the full and rewarding life that I deserve. For that, I am humbled and grateful.”

-Jack Biesek, Owner, Biesek Design

"I'm encouraged by the results I'm beginning to see from the Bowen Technique. After 6 weeks of this work, my body is a more comfortable place to be. I slept for 5 straight hours for the first time in over 2 years, since I was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis. My balance has improved and now, I have reason to hope my metabolism will become healthier and stronger."

-S. Weaver, Artist

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